Jan. 16th, 2017

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Омашинился наконец-то. Теперь выясняю, как избежать штрафов за превышение. Такая вот статья:

First, I think I should give you a bit of a primer about speed in Texas. Here in the Lone Star State, speed limits are generally viewed as guidelines or helpful suggestions rather than laws. Texans have a thing for speed, something I attribute to our wide-open spaces, long stretches of highways, and general love of freedom. Down here, we kind of drive as fast as we want, even if the police and state troopers aren't cool with that.

On Interstate 35 between Austin and San Antonio, no one actually ever goes only the official speed limit of 70. We have a name for people who do: assholes. Expect to do at least 80 to keep up with traffic and still get passed on the right occasionally.
I'd prefer they had an SUV/Giant Truck/Minivan speed limit and a Sports Car speed limit, but considering they call a Tacoma a sports car around here maybe that would help much, either.

Люблю Техас :-D

P.S. Походу, антирадар + Waze.
P.P.S. Not sure where you live but here's my breakdown:
Dallas - Do 80-85, get passed regularly
Houston - 75 is keeping up with traffic
Austin - Fucking hippies doing 60 in the left lane.
Dallas really is a fantastically pleasant place to use a highway, so long as it's not rush hour.



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